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[Forums and TeamSpeak] Changelogs 4/11/2020

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This is a formal list of changes for both the Forums and TeamSpeak that I've implemented over the past month or so.


Forum Changes

  • Added "Community Infrastructure" Section. This includes Suggestions and Bug Reports for both the Forums and TeamSpeak.
  • Added a section called "Game Servers" which contain the nodes for both Rust and Clone Wars
  • Added Negative Reputation reactions. When you react with the "Dislike" the reputation score for the person you are reacting to goes down by one. Abuse will result in punishments
  • Added on Display Name History to user's profiles. 
  • Added indicator to user's profile picture for when someone is online on the forums
  • Added user options under every user's post count
  • Added better URL Paths for certain links.
  • Added sections for Mentor Applications and Gamemaster Applications
  • Fixed the discord webhook that posts messages when people post on the forums. 
  • Consolidated all forum rules to be less wordy. 
    • Full list can be found below. 


TeamSpeak Changes

  • Added Rust section and Rust Server Leadership Section
  • Changed Gamemaster Icons.
  • Added TeamSpeak Moderator and TeamSpeak Admin. 
  • Fixed the Developer Tags


If you want some TeamSpeak Badges, here are some codes:

  • Mind Egg Code: MKUUNY6GTY
  • Power Egg Code: DJJCQTDWFX
  • Time Egg Code: 9CFAMVLLXC
  • Reality Egg Code: 1B2JFU7HNL
  • Space Egg Code: Space: JFE3U2V0N7
  • Soul Egg Code: 1Y34SHJE0W
  • Stay Home Code: K7B03BHHBW
  • Overwatch League 2020: OWLSPEAK20


If you haven't already, please vote on this poll. 



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Soul Egg has been found.

Code : 1Y34SHJE0W

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3 hours ago, Guy? said:


Soul Egg has been found.

Code : 1Y34SHJE0W

why you gotta be spoiling everything? 

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