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  1. I need models. Give me what you think is interesting. Weapon packs as well
  2. DessaixToday at 6:35 PM For some reason I can’t actually use the forums on my phone, but my one thing is start small. Don’t bring in every battalion, start with a few, maybe even leave out sith for the first bit. Ensure people are working hard in a few battalions before spreading out the playerbase a whole bunch, no spec ops. That’s my opinion Sincerely - Washed up Dessaix
  3. Note: No matter what happens chances are we will keep the current Lore Character policy. However as SD I will be much more strict on it.
  4. I dont believe this server would enjoy custom lore phase 1. Idk if yall understand. Chances are it would be Geonosis phase 1 which is VERY different. Fun but different. All in all im down for anything but universe. Plus one imperial
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