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  1. Please do your own research! As the title states this is the final vote for which game mode we will be working on in the upcoming weeks. I have seen alot of good points brought up in the "Game Mode" discussion. From what I have seen alot of people are passionate about this community and wanting it to grow. I urge you to vote on what you truly want the server to become! Read all of the comments in the other thread and do your own research before voting the fate of this community is in your hands. This will be brought up at the meeting on Friday and we will look at the votes as of Friday @ 6:00pm est.
  2. I also am here for only clone wars I hate imperial rap same as you but, If we change to that game mode then I will be here for the support of the community. I'm not going to leave because a vote doesnt go my way.
  3. +1 to Clonewars Phase 1. I believe this would be the change needed because we could still do so much more with clonewars. Imperial is trapped behind troopers and 2 or 3 sith. Which makes the game mode become boring quick one of the many reasons why the game mode only has one active server.
  4. Please Talk about which of these three game modes you would like the community to change too! Phase 1 Clonewars Custom Lore 6 Imperial RP Starwars universe
  5. May 4th , Our community will be doing a giveaway. Whoever is the most active on the Clone Wars server(“[HN] Hydronic Networks | CWRP | Main Server”,” “) will get the chance to pick any star wars type game from steam! We will figure out who is active by doing activity checks throughout the whole day. Make sure you are on the server and active as much as you can for this FREE STARWARS GAME! If 2 or more members have the same amount of points at the end of May 4th . Then the event will be settled by a good old fashion duel 9pm (est) on May 4th. May the 4th be with you! May 4th and 5th we will be doing a staff giveaway to the staff member who does the most quality events! This will be tracked by the event logger. If we have 2 or more people do the same amount of events on May 5th . The staff giveaway will roll over into the next day until the winner is defined. If you are staff and want to be a part of this event you must message me on discord asking if you meet the requirements and what will you get?!? Revenge of the fifth! P.S This is short notice because we want to make sure the people who are actively trying to play on the server everyday. This one for you Clones!
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