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  3. Imperial Roleplay Rules Section A: General Rules A1. Use common sense at all times. A2. RDM, killing another player for no reason, is prohibited. A3. FailRP, failing to properly roleplay as your character, is prohibited. a. Jumping off the Star Destroyer is considered FailRP A4. Metagaming, using information not gained by your character, is prohibited. A5. Breaking FearRP, not listening to another player making threats, is prohibited. A6. Minging, intentionally ruining another player’s experience, is prohibited. A7. Erotic Roleplay is prohibited. A8. Disrespect is prohibited. Friendly banter is ok, but harassment and blatant disrespect is not. A9. Racism or discrimination of any kind is not tolerated and will result in a ban. A10. Exploiting, bypassing intended server/game mechanics or hacking is prohibited. A11. Advertising another community, server, channel, group of people etc. that is not directly related to Hydronic Networks is prohibited. A12. Players are prohibited from exposing other players personal information without consent. A13. Recording tryouts or interviews is prohibited. A14. Do not destroy other people’s tactical insertions. A15. Dances/Taunts are not to be used on Defcon 4+, SeriousRP situations or during Debrief. A16. If you join a battalion, you must wait at least 3 days to leave the battalion OR have permission from your Commanding Officer to leave. A17. You must have TeamSpeak in order to join any battalion. A18. Staff have final say in all sits. Higher Staff (Senior Admin+) may be called to interpret loopholes or ambiguous rules. A19. All Staff reports should be taken to a Head Admin or to the forums. Section B: Roleplay Rules B1. You must remain in character at all times unless you are in OOC lounge B2. You can only be in one battalion at a time. B3. You must listen to all higher ups, but orders from your own battalion/sector take priority over others. If given 2 orders, listen to the highest within your hierarchy. B4. You must use common sense when utilizing certain armaments. Ex. using a rocket launcher on an enemy right next to you would NOT be using common sense. B5. Commanders/Directors are allowed to shape their battalion however they see fit, including bodygrouper restrictions, as long as they are following the Commander Rules and Regulations. a. Commanders are allowed to remove anyone inside their battalion for any reason. B6. Defcons can only be called by Commanders, Naval and High Command. Naval have priority on Defcon calling and can only be overruled by a higher Naval or High Command. B7. Only officers can order a trooper of another battalion. B8. Only High Command may excuse people from debrief. B9. High Command (Main Forces General, Admiral, Grand Moff)may break PTS with a valid reason and can speak freely in Debrief. B10. High Command may go anywhere on the ship/base and can only be told to leave by a higher ranking High Command member. B11. Promotion Ceremonies can be hosted by any 2ndLT+ or Naval Ensign+ B12. AOSes can only be called by 2ndLT+, Naval Ensign+ or any ISB. B13. You cannot enter restricted areas unless it is Defcon 4+ and you are searching that area. Pressing any buttons in these restricted areas without permission is an arrestable offense. B14. ISB has full authority and priority over all security, interrogation and policing matters. B15. ISB must give warnings before arresting unless it is for RDM. B16. ISB can go anywhere on the ship/base, however, the highest authority over an area may tell ISB to leave except for events. B17. You must have received the appropriate training in order to use a Medic or Engineering job. B18. Naval have full authority over Medical, Aviation and Engineering on the server. This includes making rules, training, certifications, documents etc for each. a. Naval Director+ may remove any certification. B19. Naval has full authority and priority over all ship matters and can tell anyone to leave any area under their control (Bridge, ATC, ER, Medbay). Section C: Claiming Rules C1. All claims must be made through advert regardless of rank. C2. Sim Room Alpha and Bravo can only be claimed by a SGT+ or Naval PO3+ C3. Main Hangar Bay and Secondary Hangar Bay can only be claimed by a 2ndLT+ or Naval Ensign+ C4. A sim room can only be claimed for a maximum of 2 hours (Can be overruled by a SA+). C5. If a sim room is needed for an event and it is claimed, the sim owner must unclaim the sim room to allow the event to occur. C6. Sim owners have full authority in their claimed sim room. Meaning they can put in place any rule as long as they have the sim room claimed. Section D: Chat Rules D1. Spamming any chat type is prohibited. D2. /comms is a roleplay chat that can be used by anyone. D3. /advert is a roleplay chat that can only be used by 2ndLT+ or Naval Ensign+. a. Enlisted/NCOs can only use advert for tryouts. D4. All communications, including event jobs, are automatically secured unless specified otherwise (Ex. Open Comms). D5. Whisper (/w), Yell (/y), and PM’s (/pm) are considered in character unless stated otherwise. D6. General server rules still apply in all chat types including OOC and LOOC. Section E: Vehicle Rules E1. Only Naval pilots may fly Tie Fighters, however, others may fly if no naval are online. E2. Running over friendlies/killing friendlies with vehicles is classed as RDM. E3. Taking off without clearance may classify you as a rogue pilot. If you do get classified as a rogue pilot, Naval can shoot you down and/or have you arrested for disobeying orders. a. If you request for clearance to take off three times and get no response, you are allowed to take off without being classed as a rogue pilot. E4. High Command can deny any request to take off, even if Naval has already granted permission to take off. E5. Battalions have priority over their assigned vehicles. Section F: Defcons F1. Only Naval can call Defcons. If no Naval are available, the next highest ranking online may call Defcons. Defcon 5 - Natural State Defcon 4 - High Alert, Search and Clear the ship Defcon 3 - Man Battlestations Defcon 2 - Lockdown essential areas Defcon 1 - Evacuate the ship/base
  4. There is some witos stuff for purge troopers
  5. I need models. Give me what you think is interesting. Weapon packs as well
  6. I didnt check if this was locked or not but Im still going to say what I wanted to. I say, we leave everything the same but just change the name, then like after the days go by, add more and more battalions. I.E. 501st will stay the same until it was changed into a stormtrooper unit. Everyone would stay clones for a lil while basically.
  7. Woah, I may be able to play on thr server again since there won't be as much mods! Also will VIP transfer
  8. Nice, finally a reason to constantly play again.
  9. Well if I'm correct there was only one kind of Dark Trooper
  10. Yeah, I agree. No doubt, we'll get all the Stormtrooper variants eventually, its really just the starting class lineup that's really debated, also, what Dark Trooper variants are you thinking?
  11. Yea DTs were Guards For Higher Ranking fleet also Dark Troopers would be a good addition
  12. Yeah, they mostly do guard stuff in Rebels and other less popular media; I like that suggestion, makes a lot of sense to me. Aesthetically, they’re basically just canon versions of the Nova Troopers, without the colored markings, and with cybernetics.
  13. Oh gotcha, didnt realize they were guards. I would say Nova if you want it battalionized. Dt if you want it squad based.
  14. While DT were used as commando squads, they often also functioned as honor guards, for people like Krennic, Thrawn, and Tarkin. I personally would prefer them over Nova Troopers because they’re more recognizable, and function largely the same.
  15. That would be Nova Troopers not DT
  16. I would say add DTs and have them guard high ranking fleet personnel like thrawn or Krennic
  17. I concur, Scout Troopers should just be a Stormtrooper class, just like ARF is a Clone Trooper class. You can have tons of variation in specialty in a single battalion.
  18. I love the idea of being able to chose Naval or Stormtrooper right off the go, it really opens up more opportunities for new players and attract those who want to play a Naval role. I defo think we should do that. However, I do disagree with a Scout battalion, I just think it's really unnecessary and overdone.
  19. I already posted on idea for the set up in the game mode. Here is another idea. 3 high Command 1) Naval Admiral 1) Army General 1) overseeing both. Grand moff Army Stormtrooper Scout Naval Navy crewmen/star fighter corps (they run the ship but also fly tie fighters for their combat duty.) ISB (Police of the ship) Inquisitors Purge Purge is an elite unit that works closely with inquisitors. However they should either be limited or have high high standards of entry. Inquisitors can either be a promotion that Purge can receive or a own unit. The Inquisitors listen to the Grand Moff out of respect. But they are their own entity. Their job supercede all moff orders. But while there is no Force related situation. They would fall under moff command. Which doesnt mean they listen to the army or naval. Scouts and ISB would be the two groups you would potentially qualify to join for your faction unless you want to transfer. When you join the server you may choose to join stormtrooper or Naval. Stormtrooper as a trooper and Naval ad some low rank insert here.
  20. Keep the starting battalions to about 3-4. No squads. No suggestions on what battalions though.
  21. Honestly I actually agree with that a fair bit. We could honestly remove the Special Forces sector and maybe just have the 2 Main Forces battalion and just give them a fair few jobs. The whole Inquisitors thing NGL I would like if we left out of the server, they cause quite a few issues with power differences and honestly overall edginess / power hungry attitudes from people. It'd be easier just with the main Military and Navy.
  22. DessaixToday at 6:35 PM For some reason I can’t actually use the forums on my phone, but my one thing is start small. Don’t bring in every battalion, start with a few, maybe even leave out sith for the first bit. Ensure people are working hard in a few battalions before spreading out the playerbase a whole bunch, no spec ops. That’s my opinion Sincerely - Washed up Dessaix
  23. The Jobs and Load outs Context and Explanation Please make sure to actually take the time to read both, there are 1 or 2 tiny bits missing such as weapon paths for the baton, shield and restraints aswell as bodygroup rules and ranks. Edit: I'd also like to clarify one thing with my suggestion. ISB Director and Naval Director are NOT like Reg Equivalent, Admiral is
  24. Keep the amount of battalions early on limited but let the community decide which battalions they want
  25. Inquisitorius Proposal; Purge Troopers can be added later, and Vader would be a leader after the rework, when he becomes playable. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ojIB0VKFkHJUQMQXaxjOKzGA2msz3jL5kHR0vqHILtU/edit
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